We are here for you and your pets during the pandemic!

Dear Clients,

Mobile Vets in Crewe wants to let you know that during these trying times we are here for you and your beloved pets.

We continue to operate as usual however there have been some changes in our approach because of COVID-19. In order to continue doing our job, we need to follow strict government guidelines which have been put in place to protect you and I. Executing the highest possible level of sanitation and distancing is our top priority when doing home visits and we would like to ask you to be more mindful of our presence in your home. We understand that veterinary visits are an anxiety-inducing event for everyone involved but we urge you to stand the recommended 2 metres away from us and let us know in advance of any illnesses (beyond COVID-19).

On a more personal note, we want to help you and your pets and make sure that we can go home to our families safely and healthily and prevent any spread of viruses of any kind.

Thank you in advance and we hope you are all safe and well,

Mobile Vets in Crewe.